What we do

Early Intervention

We can help when your child has a problem that is stopping them from being able to look after themselves properly in their everyday activities at home.


Has your child difficulty in putting on and taking
off their own clothes properly or have a sensitivity to specific type of clothing?

If the answer is yes, then we can help by providing
appropriate training to develop dressing skills
and overcome any sensitivity issues.



Due to an over sensitivity to touch your child may
have a difficulty tolerating showering, tooth brushing, combing hair, hand washing, nail and hair cutting.

We can help your child overcome sensitivity
and start to engage in all of these daily activities
as appropriate for their age.




We can help your child increase the variety of food
intake when they tend to eat the same type
of food everyday.

Our one to one training helps your child to learn 
how to hold and use cutlery properly and
drink from a glass.

Building on newly acquired skills, we can help
your child learn how to eat and enjoy the
foods that they do not typically like.

If you believed your child is either a picky eater
or a problem feeder, let us help you!

Sleeping habits


Has your child difficulty sleeping
or winding down before bedtime?

If so, we can assist your child in learning 
how to relax prior to bedtime when they're restless and hyperactive.



Are you concerned that your child has issues
playing with other children?

We can help your child learn how to play with their peers.

Our programmes can help your child to share, wait, and take turns during group play or at play dates.

It will also help your child become interested in toys and use them functionally.