What we do

School Age 

This intervention are available to school aged children. It provides an opportunity for children to develop self help and other skills including communication and social skills. 

Attention and concentration


Has your child find it really hard to focus on things that don’t interest them?

We can help your child learn to relax, stay on task and engage in classroom activities. 


Use of Classroom materials

If your child has an awkward or immature pencil grasp
for their age or has a messy, slow or laborious drawing, colouring or writing skills then,

We can train your child learn to hold and use a pencil,
crayon, or scissors appropriately. 

We can teach your child learn to engage in fine motor activities and manipulate small objects functionally.                

Handwritten work


Your child may have difficulty with letter
formation, spacing, and sizing which slows
writing and reinforces dislike of the task
or making handwritten work difficult to understand.                            

We can assist your child develop handwriting
skills involving letter and number formation,
sizing, and spacing in order to manage
handwritten tasks. 

Clothing & toilet management


Your child may be reluctant to go to the toilet
or needs help with managing clothing
e.g. pulling down/up trouser and toilet hygiene
e.g. washing and drying hands.

We have developed strategies to engage
your child, relax, and make toilet time fun.                            


Play & making friends

Children with autism love structure and routine, they need to understand what they should do. It’s usually when your child doesn’t know what to do with himself that your child will engage in inappropriate behaviour, get frustrated and become difficult to manage.                                   

In Clinical Services Cork we allow children to play the way they play and do the things they find engaging.
We then assist children progress through the developmental stages to develop other more complex skills in play.

We provide them with more opportunities to learn and practice social skills like making friends, cooperating, sharing, taking turns and participating in a group. 

Eating habits


We can help your child increase the variety of food intake
when they tend to eat the same type of food

Our one to one training helps your child to learn how
to hold and use cutlery functionally.

Building on newly acquired skills, we can help your child
learn how to eat and enjoy the foods that they do not
typically like.

If you believed your child is either a picky eater
or a problem feeder, let us help you!