What we do

Early Adulthood

Clinical Services Cork ensures that the people with autism or developmental delays on their early adult years live  a happy, fulfilled lives, ones that are as rewarding as possible. A key ingredient of this is how they experience everyday activities and use these functionally in their everyday lives.

Shopping, using public transport, boiling a kettle, washing clothes or making a sandwich can all pose a challenge for people with autism or developmental delays, but all can form an important part of their everyday lives and are key to living independently.

Clinical Services Cork has a pioneering role in developing new ways of supporting people with autism and developmental delays, one that takes a person centred approach and focuses on each individual’s goals and aspirations to help them realise their potential and find ways for them to live active lives at home and within the wider community.

Everyday activities are important to enable adults with autism and developmental delays to lead more independent and fulfilled lives.

Taking part in any of the following activity is important. Participation in everyday activities benefits quality of life both directly – through performing tasks that are useful and interesting in themselves – and indirectly, by promoting health gains and increasing the range of possibilities for social interaction.


Food & Drink Preparation

Household Cleaning & Maintenance

Understanding of money, shopping, budgeting, & savings

Use of public transport & understanding road safety

Computer & equipment use